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 Ruels Of Modderz- Zone

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PostSubject: Ruels Of Modderz- Zone   Sun Nov 28, 2010 10:14 am

When you join Modderz-Zone, you are agreeing to comply with the rules stated here.
You must be 13 years, or older, to join Modderz-Zone. We do not want little 10 year olds running their mouth on our site.



- Please do not use SMS style of language. For example, "r u gonna sk8 tonite?". At least make an effort on spelling and grammar. People will respond better to it and it also looks a lot better.

- Be polite when you post. If you can't be respectful of other members, at least be courteous. Two wrongs don't make a right.

- Please try to stay on topic. If the topic is, " How to mod your gamerscore " then don't post useless stuff like " i know a glitch on mw2 ". It's annoying and it is considered spam.

- Do NOT spam. TL;DR, +/-1, one word responses, imageposts, doubleposts, etc. Try to think out your response into a complete thought.

- If there is a topic on " How to mod your gamertag " don't post the same topic! It doesn't matter if you need your own topic.

- Troll/Flame - See "Be Polite" above. Insulting and baiting will not be tolerated.

- Create Multiple Accounts - We will not tolerate multiple accounts. If you have a good reason, contact a staff member.

- Advertising - Please do not advertise your sites on ours. We have worked hard enough on this site as it is.

Post Illegal Activity:
- Any material that is the work of another individual but is being represented as original. Permission must be obtained from the original creator, and due credit must be given, before including any element of that creator's work.

- Swearing at a member; while there is no rule against swearing here, use of it against another member is a different story;

- Any offensive, pornographic, or obscene material;

- Overt sexually loaded comments or content;

- Discrimination against the age, race, gender, religion, ethnicity, nationality, or sexual orientation of another members.

Permanent Banning:
Posting or linking to any content malicious to computer hardware or software, such as viruses.
Any content that violates another person's privacy.
Evading a Temporary Ban - If you're sent on a vacation for a bit, accept it and wait.
Excessive or repeated violations of any of the above infractions - Learn your lesson or else.

Course of Action and Bans
- Each rule infringement is taken case by case; the more severe the rule is broken, the bigger the punishment.
- Staff has the authority to override or skip any and all steps and issue whatever punishment is deemed necessary

Warnings - Infractions which warrant action against a member will earn you a Warning:
1st Warning - The only actual warning-only consequence.
3rd Warning - Banned (three days).
4th Warning - Banned (seven days).
5th Warning - Perma Ban

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Ruels Of Modderz- Zone
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